EP7 | As Commie As Apple Pie

Apple makes nearly all their products in China. Let’s explore alternatives. 


I’m faced with the fact I need to make sure my next smartphone is not made in China, meaning NOT an iPhone. Otherwise, I’d be supporting a Commie Made Good. 

I did a little research: 

Apple tried to make their iPhone 11 in India. 


Apple makes the Mac Pro in Austin, TX. 

Motorola Q9C Youtube Review – This video is for True Players only. 


The main article. Top Ten Phones Not Made in China: 


UnCommie Good of the episode! 

American Made Product mentioned in this Show: LES LABS – Not a sponsor. Maker of DETOXX for hangovers, MOOD BOOST, and many other supplements that are manufactured in the US. 


The article that let me to discover LES LABS – although it calls DETOXX, “PreToxx”, and the link goes to Amazon. Do good, go buy it direct from the the leslabs.com website


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What is an UnCommie Good?

It’s anything not made in communist China, or any communist country, that is hostile to the U.S.

I believe a consumer driven effort can strengthen the US Domestic Manufacturing base, improve the quality of goods, secure our critical supply chain, and make a more resilient economy.  At the same time, let’s celebrate small businesses 

Contact me at Hello@uncommieGoods.com, or send me a voice message with any questions or thoughts – Link Here: https://anchor.fm/lars207/message