EP|35 – The coming CBDC disaster, and war on cash!

I’m excited to be back to podcasting. I took a bit of a hiatus, listen to learn why! 

The latest export from China I’m worried about requires no freight or shipping.
It’s the concept called Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs. 
CBDCs will unleash financial repression in ways we’ve never thought of, then ultimately will lead to social credit scores, and finally, force us all to live in a paycheck to paycheck scheme. Fight this with everything you got!
Any financial information shared here is for educational purposes only. Be sure to do your own research prior to making any investments mentioned in this episode. 
Article referenced in this episode:
  • “How To Resist CBDCs—5 Ways You Can Opt Out of This Dystopian Future”
  • Nigeria Restricts Cash to Push Central Bank Digital Currency
Additional Links:

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