EP|32 – Climbing the UnCommie Ladder

The Uncommie Manifesto Part 2. A series.   


YouTube: https://youtu.be/cJqYXZltses

I was inspired during a recent flight to Hawaii about how to UnCommie your life, and not only based on buying American made products.  

I banged out some ideas on my iPhone’s Notes app, and wanted to share them with you.  It’s really how you live, and eliminating dependencies on system that might not always be there for you.  Here are the steps in climbing the UnCommie Ladder.  

1. Seek out and buy American made goods.- use the cultivate Chrome extension when shopping on Amazon.   



2. Buy Local Food. Seek out local ranchers and farmers. A great resource is www.eatwild.com.  

3. Get your health in order.  The real pandemic is obesity, and being overweight leads to feeding the matrix that is the “Pharm-Industrial Complex”.  They want you sick and on medications to continue profiting off you. 

I recommend a Paleo/Primal centered diet and lifestyle to reverse illness, eliminate medications,  and lose weight. Check with your dr. 


4. Eliminate all consumer debt/payments.  Pay off all your consumer loans and credit cards. Don’t count on Social Security.

I went over this in more detail on https://uncommiegoods.com/episode18/

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What is an UnCommie Good?

It’s anything not made in communist China, or any communist country, that is hostile to the U.S.

I believe a consumer driven effort can strengthen the US Domestic Manufacturing base, improve the quality of goods, secure our critical supply chain, and make a more resilient economy.  At the same time, let’s celebrate small businesses 

Contact me at Hello@uncommieGoods.com, or send me a voice message with any questions or thoughts – Link Here: https://anchor.fm/lars207/message