EP25| Drugstore China

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Alternate title: “We lost the Pharm… aceutical, to China”. 

Enough puns aside, I was absolutely stunned to learn than China produces and exports 90-95% of the world’s prescription drug supply. This ranges from completely manufactured generic drugs,  or raw components, known as precursors for  use in pharmaceutical manufacture. 

Again, 90-95% of it comes from China! 

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Now back to the story. I caught this amazing, and stunning Twitter thread from https://twitter.com/ShivenChabria 

He also wrote a great article at American Greatness called End China’s Chokehold on Pharmaceuticals back in March 23 2020. That’s right, over a year ago! 


Some highlights (or lowlights) 

1. China Dumped cheap medications until domestic sources stopped making drugs and pharmaceuticals. Then China raised the price. 

2. The Three most important drugs to fight Anthrax are no longer made in the United States .

3. The last fermentation plant for Penicillin closed in 2004. In the podcast I said, or guessed it was “invented” in America. Turns out it was London.         Close enough! 

4. Heparin, an injectable blood thinner, killed over 200 Americans when a tainted batch from China was shipped here. 

And so much more! 

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