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Tired of Chinese made junk? Learn how to support American businesses, and why it’s worth it to avoid Chinese imports.  Meet the businesses dedicated to making goods right here in America. 

Protect American jobs and promote prosperity in your community. 

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China is a bigger existential threat than most people realize. I discuss China's nefarious global behavior, and how we can fight back. Each episode I highlight an "UnCommie Good" made right here in America that you can buy today.

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Here's a list and links of great American made goods that I've mentioned on the show. Some purchases support this podcast, more importantly, it supports small American businesses!

Articles and Musings

Why is it so hard to find American Made goods? I explore issues and problems with outsourcing critical supply manufacturing to China, and how we can fight back.

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"Great Podcast that really makes me think about where my consumer goods come from and the impact they have on our economy....direct and informative."
Investor Mama
Apple Podcast Reviewer
"I love the whole premise of the show, and it is more important than ever for us to understand where we are purchasing our products. Lars is an amazing host with direct and succinct point when it comes to current news and providing alternatives to the same old "Made in China" products. Give it a listen!"
Apple Podcast Reviewer

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Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, any podcast app really. 

About Me

I’m Lars, an immigrant to the US who is proud to be an American, and wants to improve the quality of the goods we buy by supporting American businesses. This makes our supply chain more resilient, leads to job growth, economic opportunity, and prosperity in our communities.