Minisode- Embrace Slower Commerce

My theme for 2021. Slower Commerce.

What is “Slower Commerce” And Why It’s Good For Us? 

Do you love Amazon Prime and Two day shipping? I don’t blame you. Have you ever thought about the impact of having millions of goods mass-produced, shipped, warehoused, and at the ready for your one-click buy?

Do you even know where it was made, who made it, and how it got to your front door? China has benefited tremendously during the pandemic and the explosion in online shopping by Americans in 2020.

How can we reverse this trend? What are the long term ramifications of buying Chinese-made goods, versus American made? Do you want to feel better about what you buy and bring into your home?

I wanted to share some thoughts on how we buy goods online, and embracing an ethos of “Slower Commerce” can help support American Jobs, economic growth, and prosperity in your or another American community.

Listen and learn the five characteristics of what makes some goods part of the “Slower Commerce” movement. Subscribe to this show so you can listen my first Interview with a Small American manufacturer, coming in January 2021!

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What is an UnCommie Good?

It’s anything not made in communist China, or any communist country, that is hostile to the U.S.

I believe a consumer driven effort can strengthen the US Domestic Manufacturing base, improve the quality of goods, secure our critical supply chain, and make a more resilient economy.  At the same time, let’s celebrate small businesses 

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