Not excited about the pending devaluation of the US Dollar

With the pandemic of 2020, and the subsequent economic stimulus packages and loans to small businesses, the federal government has pumped trillions of dollars into the money supply.  With simple economic law of supply and demand, the US Dollar will only decrease in value over the long term, and possibly even sooner than we expect. 

We tend to have this inherent faith that the US Dollar is infallible, but the cracks are starting to show. Look at the US Debt clock. As of this date, it’s at 130%, which is not sustainable. 

More to come, but I’m feeling that making moves out of the US Dollar will be a good investment. 

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What is an UnCommie Good?

It’s anything not made in communist China, or any communist country, that is hostile to the U.S.

I believe a consumer driven effort can strengthen the US Domestic Manufacturing base, improve the quality of goods, secure our critical supply chain, and make a more resilient economy.  At the same time, let’s celebrate small businesses 

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