EPISODE 29 | Dinsmoor Sheepskins and the Parallel Economy

On Episode 29 of UnCommie Goods, Tyler Dinsmoor joined me to discuss his small, very UnCommie business, Dinsmoor Sheepskins. 
Dinsmoor Sheepskins is a small family tannery that creates quality handmade sheepskins. There are very few tanneries left like this in the US.  
The sheep are locally sourced from or near Whidbey Island, Washington. Each sheepskin is tanned and softened by hand, and procured in an ethical manner as a byproduct of the sheep’s natural life cycle. 
You can’t really get better than that!
With his business Tyler support his family, and makes high quality, locally sourced natural goods. 
I enjoyed this discussion with Tyler, and learned about how he got started, the amazing natural characteristics of wool, the emergence of a Parallel Economy, the growth of Gab.com,  advice for aspiring UnCommie entrepreneurs, and more!
Resources discussed on this episode: 
Tyler and Dinsmoor Sheepskins on Gab: https://gab.com/dinsmoorsheepskins
Buy Dinsmoor Sheepskins: https://dinsmoor.us/
Parallel Economy List on Gab: https://gab.dinsmoor.us/
What is Gab.com:
“A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome”

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  1. Lars, Another excellent and well researched episode of UncommieGoods. Mr Tyler (Navy veteran) and his Whidbey company are a proud example of a small family owned business trying to compete on such an unequal playing field. Wishing him continued success with his tannery and sheepskin business. Always enjoy your commentator and interview style. Educational as well as entertaining. Thank you for and Mr. Tyler for your patriotism and dedication to the USA!

    1. Lars, Had to leave an additional comment regarding the concept of the parallel economy and parallel society. As Tyler noted the “Christian concept” that we have to be in this world, but not of this world…never thought about that with regard to an economy/business. Look forward to exploring this concept further on Gab. / Jerry

  2. I love that you are promoting my grandson’s family business. He is the most honorable and trustworthy person I know. Besides that, I’m partial and love that man.

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