EP22| Let’s Get WildBar! (Interview)


Here’s the second interview in the history of UnCommie Goods, with a long time personal friend of mine, and founder/CEO of Wild Bar, Jason Cook. I learned a lot and I think many of you will enjoy his story of how he brought this product to market, despite the odds stacked against him.

Wild Bar’s are delicious, and I know you’ll enjoy them and feel great after you have one. You will also enjoy this great interview. 


Read on below, or listen to the show to learn how to enter the  giveaway contest sponsored by me!

 Yes, I love Wild Bars and am excited to personally supply the prize. 


You can find Wild Bar at 

Wildbar.co, that’s right, dot co. 

Twitter at www.twitter.com/wildbarco and 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildbarco/


  • Why Transparency is important to me, and the UnCommie Way.
  • The problem with most protein or energy bars – The Mystery Ingredients. 

  • How a back problem was cured with Crossfit. In turn, to be a successful crossfitter, you need the right fuel, aka nutrition. 

  • The origins of the Wild Bar – Jason dealing with the hassle of meal prepping led to the need for healthy, grab and go snacks to fuel intense workouts. 

  • Onerous FDA regulations led to pivoting away from a meat based bar to another wonder nutrient that is the main Wild Bar ingredient 

  • How the Wild Bar is like a work of art. 

  • The origin of The WildBar tagline “Eat Instinctually” 

  • TradeMark disputes marked the biggest challenges in the beginning. 

  • It’s really difficult to find a supplier willing to do  small runs when you’re starting out. This was the same experience in episode 21, Here Comes the Spider Chalk  

Suppliers and vendors asked for a ridiculous amount for whatever you want to order. In this case, packaging and wrappers..   I think this is one the biggest challenges for a new company to make a product. Potential vendors will want you to buy 100,000 units instead of a few hundred. How is one supposed to start out with a limited budget? You really will need to search far and wide to find a source that will work with you.


  • Is there collusion between the large protein/fitness bar brands to keep out the little guy? 

  • The Pandemic hits, and Jason can’t use one of his biggest strengths, his ability to sell in person. He pivots to digital and direct marketing. 

  • The importance of DIY and sharing that a product is made with love, and using top quality ingredients.  This is a passion business, and integrity is key to persevere when times are tough. Do you believe in your product? Then you won’t give up.

 The giveaway: 

Winner gets their choice of a box of the following flavors, Cherry, Blueberry, or Pineapple. 

How to enter: 

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I’ll announce the winner shortly after on the show! 

You can reach me at hello@uncommiegoods.com, my website at www.uncommiegoods.com


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