EP17 | “Why You China Get All Up In Everyone’s Business?”

China has been flexing its diplomatic muscle along with some bribing and intimidation tactics to influence the United Nations to support China’s anti-freedom actions rather than condemn them.  

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Also, today’s UnCommie Good is All-American, iconic, and made by hand in a small factory.  

Articles mentioned on this episode:  

BBC: Hong Kong security law: What is it and is it worrying?


CNBC: 1 in 5 corporations say China has stolen their IP within the last year: CNBC CFO survey


WSJ: How China Is Taking Over International Organizations, One Vote at a Time 


I highlighted Zekelman Industries as they are very pro-domestic manufacturing.  https://www.zekelman.com/ 

Uncommie Good of this episode. 

 Yes, you got it, the classic, All-American Wilson football. All handmade in a small factory in Ada, Ohio. 

Buy it here! https://www.wilson.com/en-us/football/footballs/pro/nfl-recreational/nfl-duke-replica-football


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What is an UnCommie Good?

It’s anything not made in communist China, or any communist country, that is hostile to the U.S.

I believe a consumer driven effort can strengthen the US Domestic Manufacturing base, improve the quality of goods, secure our critical supply chain, and make a more resilient economy.  At the same time, let’s celebrate small businesses 

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