EP15| Don’t Byte My Dance Moves!

Big news! Oracle wins the bid for ByteDance’s TikTok, “byting” the dance moves from Microsoft and Walmart,  who were also in the running. 

Now, Oracle is going  to manage it as a “Trusted Partnership”.  Oracle?  Really? What does that really mean? I discuss my concerns. 

Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in U.S., Beating Microsoft – WSJ

“Deal, which is likely not to be structured as an outright sale, will face White House review” 

I discussed the ill-fated acquisition of Flip Camera by Cisco in 2009.  Man I loved those things.  I bring this up because the history of B2B tech companies buying consumer businesses doesn’t usually work out. 

Election 2020 – How does each presidential candidate plan to deal with China? They are more alike than you’d think.

What’s Biden’s New China Policy? It Looks a Lot Like Trump’s-WSJ 


The UnCommie Good of this episode is not a good, it’s a cause. Please make a tax deductible donating to Achroma Corp in support of a great cause that funds research to treat Achromatopsia. 

This cause is near and dear to me, as one of my best friend’s son has this condition. This year, due to the pandwe are not able to do our regular golf Tournament fundraiser, so I wanted to get the word out and help out as much as possible 

A little  bit about Achromatopsia from the Achromacorp.org website: 

Achromatopsia (ACHM)  causes the complete absence of cone photoreceptor function, the cells in our retina we rely on to read, to drive, to see faces and color, and to generally navigate through life. As a result, Achromatopsia patients are day blind, have extreme sensitivity to light, poor acuity, nystagmus (rapid uncontrolled eye movements), and color blindness.

There is no cure for Achromatopsia in humans. But research is ongoing. In animal models (dogs, mice, and sheep) genetic treatments have shown positive results in restoring cone function. These positive results in animals have led to the start of human clinical trials with gene therapy for those affected with the most common gene mutations. However, because the incidence of Achromatopsia is rare compared to other retinal diseases, funding for research continues to be limited. The lack of funding and consequently the slow pace of research led John and Bridget to start Achroma Corp. in order to help expedite a cure.




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