Unboxing Origin Maine’s “Blackout Joggers”

As a minimalist, I don’t really get a chance to buy tons of stuff to check out and review.  Any new purchases are usually to replace something I had to get rid of, and well, I needed some new “Joggers” which is fancy talk for sweatpants. A listener DM’d me on Instagram to tell me about “Origin Maine”, I checked them out and I was already a fan of Jocko Willink, former Navy Seal, author, and a fellow podcaster among many other things he does. 

Origin Maine makes all their stuff in the US, so therefore I’m very likely to be a fan. The next step is actually checking out their goods. Trust, but verify. Again, I’m not a huge consumer, and buying new stuff all the time. It’s just not me. So I was excited to see something on their website that I needed. Sweatpants. I don’t really wear them that much, I prefer wearing slacks or normal pants. I know, weird especially now that I’ve worked from home over a year. However, sweatpants, belong in everyone’s wardrobe. 

You can also get jeans, Bison leather boots, hoodies, undies, Martial Arts gear, workout clubs, nutritional supplements, and hell, even Maine Maple Syrup!  I think anyone can find something they’d like on this website. 

So I ordered Origin Maine’s Blackout Joggers, and check out my review, aka “unboxing” I shared on Youtube! 

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